Redken Dandruff Control Shampoo

Cleanses, clarifies and relieves your scalp, leaving hair shiny, light and airy.

Scalp Relief products are formuled with Redkens breakthrough delivery system, the Interbond Scalp System. The Interbond Scalp System carries key ingredients to both the scalp and the hair. These specialized ingredients break apart upon application and bind to the scalp and hair for targeted results.

- Fights and controls dandruff flaking, itching and irritation.
- Purifies, moisturises and hydrates dry scalp while soothing and calming.
- Leaves scalp hydrated, clarified and relieved.
- Leaves hair shiny, light and airy.

- Dermatologist-tested for safety.
- Contains pyrithione zinc, a powerful dandruff-fighting ingredient.

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