Coronavirus Header
In order for us to follow government guidelines and to ensure the highest level of personal safety in Colorcode we have made some necessary adjustments. We require all our customers to follow these changes and we will continue to make you feel and look great.
  • A deposit will be taken for all appointments until further notice. If we do not receive a phone call to cancel your appointment 48 hrs prior to your appointment time your deposit will be lost.
  • Due to restrictions on the number of clients in the salon you must be on time for your appointment. If you are more then 10 minutes late you will lose your slot and your deposit will be taken.
  • Please if you are unwell, or displaying signs of Covid 19 please stay at home. In this case you will receive your deposit back. We will arrange an appointment for you when you feel better.
  • If a staff member is displaying signs of Covid 19 they will have to self-isolate and with our deepest regret we may need to cancel your appointment. As we work on 2 teams we cannot get a stand in and in this case you will receive your deposit back.
  • Please come alone to your appointment.
  • If possible we would appreciate if you could leave your coat in your car. If a coat is necessary we will supply a plastic covering for it.
  • All clients must sanitize their hands immediately after entering the salon.
  • We will provide a mask for your visit in the salon and we need you to wear it for your entire visit.
  • All gowns and towels are washed at 60/90 degrees.
  • 15 mins extra has been allowed after every client to wash and sanitize all equipment, the area and chair used.
  • PPE Charge of €4 will apply to every client.
  • We are required to take your temperature. If it is above 38 degrees unfortunately we will be unable to do your hair and your deposit will be returned. 
  • Unfortunately there will be no magazines provided feel free to bring your own and don't forget your phone.
  • To speed up consultation time, if you are planning on any changes to your hairstyle please do your homework and bring in some images of what you would like.
  • Tea and Coffee will be given in a takeaway cup.
  • We love to chat but unfortunately due to the face masks and face shields we will be wearing, we would appreciate if we could keep chatting to a minimum.
  • Please keep a 2 meter distance from others where possible.
  • Keep good cough/sneeze etiquette and also hand hygiene. If you touch your face or your mask there will be hand sanitizer available at every section.
  • Covid compliance officers will be visible in the salon if you have any questions.
  • Cash and card payments are accepted. 

We really want to maintain the highest level of personal safety and we want you to enjoy your visit.

Thank you for your time and understanding and we hope to see you soon. 

Team Colorcode